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Google Chart Component in Angular 5+

Google Chart Angular 5+

A component to implement the Google Chart on your Angular 5+ applications.

Features of Google Chart Angular 5+

  • Inbuild Google Library Loading All related library and packages will be loaded through component
  • Option Changes Aware Any changes made to Google Option Object

Screenshot of Google Chart

alt text


  • chartType – Type of Chart. For example: LineChart, ScatterChart, AreaChart, BarChart, BubbleChart, CandlestickChart, ColumnChart, ComboChart, PieChart, Gantt,Gauge, GeoChart, Histogram, OrgChart, Sankey, SteppedAreaChart, Table, Timeline, TreeMap, WordTree, Calendar, Map
  • dataPromise – Promise to fetch data
  • options – Google Chart Option Object Google Chart Customization
  • config – Chart additional configuration object. For example, chart data does not have header & starts with row only then set firstRowAsData as true.
  • onInit – Event which will be fired when angular chart component will be initialized with ChartWrapper. It will return div – dynamic generated div Id for reference & wrapper – Reference to ChartWrapper to make changes and modify chart configuration and data manually
  • onReady – Event which fires every time chart is rendered & ready with new data or options. This event has no parameters.
  • onError – Event which fires on error while rendering chart.
  • onSelect – Event which will ne called on selecting data points on chart


Provided angular-google-chart.config JSON file which has following configuration options:

  • packages – Packages to load. This is depend on chart type you use.
  • mapsApiKey – Google Developer API Key in order to access google map JS API.
This article is about integrating or using Charts in Angular 5 with many options such as Column Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, and Combined Charts. We are going to see how to integrate charts with Angular 5 App within a few steps.

As we know, visual representation of any data is worth thousands of lines written as a text, and also it will be time-consuming to make judgments after reading sophisticated data. Charts are Visual Representation Tools that make things easy to understand in an easy manner.

Let’s start with the implementation of different charts with Angular.
In this series, I am going to cover 7 types of different charts used with dummy data.
  1. Column Chart
  2. Bar Chart
  3. Pie Chart
  4. Line Chart
  5. Bubble Chart
  6. Doughnut Chart
  7. Combined Chart

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