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Newest jQuery plugins for responsive website

jQuery plugins for responsive website

In this Article You read About Some Newest jQuery plugins which are suitable for a responsive website. These jQuery plugins allow you to create responsive modal windows, image galleries, grids, tables, responsive image viewing, timelines, time picker, hamburger navigation menus, content sliders and several other functionalities. Enjoy!

Smart Photo for responsive website







Smart Photo is a responsive jQuery plugin which works as an image viewer, especially on mobile devices. It supports intuitive gestures such as pinch-in, pinch-out, drag and swipe for a better image viewing experience. It uses the accelerator to move the images.


iziModal is a simple jQuery plugin for creating elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal windows with CSS3 animations. It allows you to create a custom modal titl, subtitle and icon for modal windows. Features include:

    • iFrame and AJAX supported.
    • Use ESC key to close the modal.
    • Focus can be set on the first input when opened.
    • Automatically open on page load.
    • Custom transition effects.
    • Auto closes the modal window.
    • Supports various events to handle things.
    • Various other options and API to play with.




Restive.js is a designer-friendly jQuery toolkit for responsive web design. The main reason restive.js exists is to make it easier for web designers to add responsive and/or mobile-friendly enhancements to their web pages. This toolkit addresses the issues faced using CSS3 media queries for making mobile and desktop friendly website.

    • Breakpoints – This option is used to define supported resolutions in an array.
    • Classes – This option accepts an array of CSS class names that need to be added to the

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