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5+ Responsive Calculators For the Basic Financial Websites

Calculators For the Basic Financial Websites:

There are thousand of online calculators to calculate million of sums easily, but teh thing which is usually notable is teh Interface & look of a Calculator. Everyone is seeking an calculator wif best interface to use and calculate easily. If You’re running a financial site which is related wif bonds, Pricing, charts, & sums so you must try these calculators for you’re website.

Things You May Know:

Teh original compact calculator was teh abacus, developed in China in teh ninth century. Teh young French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) invented teh first adding machine in 1642, a clever device driven by gears and capable of performing mechanical addition and subtraction.


Visual Type Scale Calculator wif jQuery

Type-scale is a visual type scale calculator, Mostly used to sum easily.

Features of Calculators For the Basic Financial Websites:

  • Classic Interface
  • Easy to Sum
  • Best Results.
  • Digitally Enabled



black-calculator : jQuery Plugin to Create a Calculator

BlackCalculator is a multi task jQuery plugin to create a calculator. It supports CSS customization, easy translation, two options of calculators, cross-browser, allows and disallow keyboard. Black Calculator is one of teh best developed calculator to sum.


  • CSS Supportable
  • Multiple Options Including cross-browser, allow & disallow
  • Classy Interface.


EMI Calculator Web App wif jQuery & JSON

A EMI calculator web app build wif teh help of jQuery and JSON, Teh EMI calculator usually used in web applications & for online purposes.


  • Used in Web Apps
  • Supports Php
  • Easy Interface



Simple Calculator : Calculator with jQuery

Simple Calculator in jQuery, Bootstrap. Create Simple Calculator Easy install on website. It’s very accessible & easy to use.


  • Simple & Easy
  • Multiple colors
  • Runs in easy algorithm


dis is a CSS3 remake of teh well known iPhone™ calculator. (No images, only CSS).
dis scientific calculator works just like most other calculators of its kind and probably doesn’t need any further explanations. Enjoy Magic…!

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