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jQuery UI Library

The w2ui library is a set of interrelated jQuery plugins. jQuery UI Library is not adhoc port to jQuery but in first developed with jQuery in mind. There is no support of other frameworks such as prototype or dojo. The w2layout object allows you to create stretchable and resizable layouts with up to 6 panels. The panels are top, left, main, preview, right, and bottom. You do not have to create and initialize all 6 panels, but only the panels you need in your application.

Out of the box, the w2ui library is an all-in-one solution. It contains all the most common UI widgets: Layout, Grid, Sidebar, Tabs, Toolbar, Popup, Field Controls and Forms. You do not need to put together a collection of mismatched plugins to accomplish your goals.


Tabs are less frequent but still an important UI element of your application. Usually, you do not need more than one set of tabs, but it is often required to be able to add/remove, enable/disable, show/hide tabs dynamically. The tabs objects provide this functionality.


The sidebar object provides a quick solution for a vertical menu. In a way, it is similar to a tree widget but offers more user-friendly interaction. The menu can be nested to any level, but the often better user experience is to limit how deep the menu goes.


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