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Quizzler : AngularJs Quiz Builder Application

The Angular JS : Create an online Quiz builder & testing application.

Considering the short deliverable time for this solution, the current implementation has several aspects that should/must be improved:

  • Implementation of multiple quizes with quiz selector
  • Persistence of Quiz results
  • Reduction and clarity-improvement of CSS using LessCSS
  • Improved UX for Login
      • input fields color code when errors occur
      • input fields clear state indicators when typing
      • focus indicators improved
      • implementation of register
      • auto-restore last-signin email
      • look-ahead for email field
        • Improved UX for Quiz
          • Hover indicators for questions
          • Field for user-submitted questions/comments
          • Timer for entire quiz
          • Breadcrumbs for quiz
          • Animation of questions as user selects continue or submit
        • Splash Preloading screen with progress indicator
        • Header bar with email
        • Footer bar with copyright information
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