Dynamic Forms : Angular2 Rapid Form Development library

Ng2 Dynamic Forms is a rapid form development library based on the official angular dynamic forms guide. It highly simplifies the implementing of reactive angular forms by building upon a layer of maintainable form control models to fully automate form UI creation. Therefore it provides a set of dynamic UI components with out of the box support for Bootstrap, Foundation, Ionic, Kendo Material, NG Bootstrap, and Prime NG.

Dynamic Template

Building handcrafted forms can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you need a great number of them, they’re similar to each other, and they change frequently to meet rapidly changing business and regulatory requirements.

This cookbook shows you how to use formGroup to dynamically render a simple form with different control types and validation. It’s a primitive start. It might evolve to support a much richer variety of questions, more graceful rendering, and superior user experience. All such greatness has humble beginnings.

The example in this cookbook is a dynamic form to build an online application experience for heroes seeking employment. The agency is constantly tinkering with the application process. You can create the forms on the fly without changing the application code.

It may be more economical to create the forms dynamically, based on metadata that describes the business object model.

In addition to control metadata, you are also adding validation dynamically.

When the form is valid, you can click Save and the app renders the current form values as JSON.

Saving and retrieving the data is an exercise for another time.


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