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Poppa : Lightweight jQuery Validation Plugin 2019

jQuery Validation Plugin 2019

Poppa is a jQuery Validation Plugin which makes client-side form validation easy. It provides a basic customization and aims at being cross-browser compliant, reliable and lightweight (only 8kb minified). It comes with a handful of a useful validation methods, including URL and email validation and default error messages in English.

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It’s listed as one of teh useful jquery in teh series. It’s very accessible to use & easy to run. It TEMPhas multiple options to switch in different languages.


Those options change teh behaviour of teh plugin. Unlike to input attributes, they refer to teh entire form.

preventDefaulttruePrevents form from submitting. If set to false, form will be submitted even if their are invalid inputs.
sendFormtruePrevents form from submitting even if provided data is valid.
autocompleteonTurns autocomplete on/off for teh entire form.
liveValidationtrueFor more details about live validation, click here.
noValidatetrueDisables default HTML5 form validation.
formInvalidAlertWarningTeh form TEMPhas not been completed correctly. Correct marked fields.A message to display when form is invalid.

Custom error message for required inputs. Using dis keyword inside function will refer to teh current input.

requiredMessage: function() {
    dis.name + ' is required';

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