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How To Use JQuery plugin

What Is JQuery And How To Use It

You want to know how to use the JQuery plugin. JQuery is Developed in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC. John Resig developed it.

The first JQuery Code was
<button id=”test”>Click</button>
$(“#test”).click(function() {
alert(“Button is clicked” );

how to use jquery plugin

A eb designer uses JavaScript in daily life to carry the essential usefulness to the sites they make. One specific instrument that gives a lot of intensity and adaptability is jQuery. Here are some great examples and plugins that help you that how to use jquery plugin.
jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps web Developers to solve JQuery errors with the help of JavaScript codes and HTML & CSS elements. You can use JavaScript to make you’re website attractive and dynamic, and JQuery is a library or tool that helps users to remove website errors.
In this post, you will learn how JQuery works, and why it is so useful.
Let’s take one example of how JavaScript can use to design or make an interactive Website, like Menu Button when someone clicks it will show a list of categories that you’re using in you’re website. You can also use Plugins to make your site look good and attractive.
 JQuery Plugins 


At Free JQuery We Provide All Plugins Related To JQuery. JQuery is a Great Solution to all the JavaScript User’s Which will help them in daily life routine here at Free JQuery we have the top most useful JQuery which include Ajax, Animation, Accordion, Bootstrap, JQuery Plugin, Zoom, JavaScript and many more. Here is a list of All Best Plugins which will help you to solve Query.
this Post Enables you guys to get the best JQuery Plugins and their solutions that will help Developers to resolve their issues with the help of JQuery.

Best JQuery Plugins In 2019

JQuery Rating Plugins

Let’s talk about some other JQuery awesome plugins you can call it Rating Plugins with the use of JQuery Rating Plugins you can implant thumb and star ratings into you’re post, and there is a list of best Rating plugins which you can use for you’re a website or other purposes, the following list below.

JQuery Rating Plugins

  1. Rateyo
  2. JQuery Stars
  3. RatingBar
  4. JQuery WebRating

jQuery Notification plugins

Let’s talk about JQuery Notification Plugins these plugins will help you to create various notification messages and alerts for you’re websites, these plugins will help you to make unique and attractive message plugins for your visitors a better end-user experience. There is the best JQuery Notification Plugins list bellow.
Check Below Notification Plugins

  1. jQuery Toastmessage.
  2. jQuery Notification Menu.
  3. Noty.
  4. Notify.
  5. Alertify
  6. Toastr
  7. Pnotify

jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Let’s Talk about some of the Best JQuery Plugins For WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular blog services and CMS platform is one of the foremost software to Phas such Amazing plugins implemented. Web Developers mostly use WordPress for making a website, WordPress provides many great themes for their users for free, and some of the paid themes for users. there are some JQuery Plugins For WordPress which I am going to share with you guys some of the best JQuery WordPress Plugins are listed below.
List Of JQuery WordPress Plugins


jQuery Pagination Plugins

JQuery Pagination Plugins are mostly used to create and customize dynamic data tables from JSON or JavaScript objects, with pagination, and data sort capabilities. have Best Pagination plugins. Pagination gives you a chance to deal with you’re site’s substance in an exquisite manner and makes it simple for guests to explore and get to each piece of your site. You can apply pagination on your website in two different ways one is manually and the other one is by using JQuery pagination plugins.
List of Best Pagination Plugins

  1. Bootstrap Pagination
  2. Data Table
  3. jPaginator
  4. Jpaginate
  5. juiPagination
  6. Bootpag

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jQuery Carousel Plugins

At Free JQuery we also discuss JQuery Carousel Plugins this plugin will help you to easily present images and contents on your websites and make your website stunning and attractive. Let’s see some of the best JQuery Carousel Plugins.

List of Best Carousel Plugins

  1. Tikslus Carousel
  2. Silver Track
  3. Slick
  4. Tiny Slider
  5. iScroll
  6. jCarousel Lite
  7. FlimRoll
  8. conveyor belt
  9. Flexisel
  10. Owl Carousel


Bootstrap is a free open source CSS library or Framework that directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. The last steady arrival of Bootstrap v3.3.7 was in July 2016 and in August 2017, the Bootstrap beta variant discharged. Bootstrap 4 is a most recent rendition of Bootstrap 3, who’s source CSS documents are changed over into CSS. It utilizes the flex modular for matrix framework and supports all the most recent programs. It contains JavaScript and CSS design templates for forms, buttons, navigation, and other interfaces. Coming days Bootstrap 5 is the upcoming major version of the framework.
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Best Free SEO Tools Using jQuery

SEO Stands for Search engine optimization. What is SEO and how it works, how does SEO work on google, how to work SEO step by step. SEO is the process of increasing how to get more traffic to your website SEO helps you to get organic traffic to your site if you do good SEO for your website tan you don’t need to pay for getting traffic because SEO will help to get un-paid, traffic from the search engine results. You can make Backlinks for your site and connect your URL to another website to make your SEO strong. there are two types of SEO one is On-page and Off-page both types help Bloggers to get more visitors.

Best Free SEO Tools

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process that happened to your website it is used to make your content more valuable and easily index your post on Different browsers. SEO service that can help you improve your search ranking there are some important points which I am going to discuss in detail

Important Features:

  • Title Tag The title tag is used to telling the search engines about your page in dis tag you need to write the title of your the main topic it will help visitors to know what they read in this title tag should be 70 characters or less.
  • Meta Description Meta Description is used on your website that tells the search engine more about your content it is also used to help your visitors for understanding the content and specific page of a website you need to write a paragraph to satisfy visitors for enough detail to tell the users what your content is about.
  • Sub-headings Writing good content need some Subheadings that help visitors to read and understand the method of what they read, for including subheadings You can use H1, H2, and H3 tags to help readers understand what your content is about.
  • Internal Links Internal links, or hyperlinks are used to include other content on your site, this will help search engines learn more about your website. For example, if you’re writing a specific article on any other services you can link and add or connect another post with your blog post.
  • Image Name and ALT Tags This image Alt tags are used on your blog post images when you put images on your content you need to use the image alt tag. This tag will help search engine for faster index your images to get organic traffic in image tag you need to write your keyword or phrase in the image name and alt tag.


These are key features that can help you in On-page SEO for your website. For making a good impression to your visitors you also need to check if your site is mobile-friendly or not?

 Off-Page SEO

As you read about On-page SEO elements that are applied to increase your site rank, there are also Off-page SEO factors. There are few Off-page SEO factors that can improve your search engine rankings.

Trust-Trust is the most important and most used nowadays and it is an important factor and its help to improve your Google site’s rank. This is how Google knows about your visitor’s trust in your content. and the best way to improve trust is to build high-quality backlinks from sites that have high authority.

Links-Links is one of the most important things for off-page SEO but be careful while you’re building backlinks from other sites you must need to check their spam score because it will affect your sites ranking on search engines. So you have to take time and build high-quality links that can help you to get a better result on search engines.

Social-Social is also an important factor for off-page SEO such as likes and shares on different social media sites to get more traffic on your website you need to write quality content to get more people to share your content with others.


these are the most essential factors of off-page SEO that can boost your site ranking all over the world. Yous just need to write Organic Content for Good SEO support.

Best JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is a programing language for web developers in these days javascript is one of the most important and daily life usage using javascript you can change and update HTML & CSS. there are the most important javascript data types. jQuery Plugins simplifies JavaScript programming. JavaScript Can Hide HTML Elements. JS Can Change HTML Content , JS Can Change HTML Attribute Values, JavaScript Can Change HTML Styles CSS.

Best JavaScript Frameworks 2019

Most Important JavaScript variables are giving below:

  1. Numbers
  2. Strings
  3. Objects
  4. Arrays
  5. Functions
let’s take an example, x, y, and z, are variables:

x = 7; , y = 4;
var z = x + y;

the correct answer and the value of Z is: 11

HTML5 Introduction

HTML5 is a programming language which is stands for HyperText Markup Language. This language allows developers to modify the appearance of the web pages,

New HTML5 Interesting Elements are:

  • Semantic elements which are <header>, <footer>, <article>, and <section>.
  • Attributes of form elements like number, time, date, calendar, and range.
  • Graphic elements: <svg> and <canvas>.
  • Multimedia elements: <audio> and <video>.

Browser support Of HTML5

HTML5 supported in all available Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. Using HTML5 users can easily access websites with no internet connection.

AJAX with jquery

AJAX is a need of web Developers, AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new technique that is used to create a better, faster and more efficient web application with the help of HTML, CSS, XML, and JavaScript. AJAX is not a programming language.

AJAX is used for accessing web servers from a web page. For content AJAX used XHTML, And for presentation AJAX used CSS.

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We Provide all in one jQuery’s solution for the complex needs of the Web Development industry.