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Top Best JavaScript Template Engines

Best JavaScript Template Engines

In This Article you can read about Best JavaScript Template engines which will help in the decoupling of HTML and JavaScript code to reduce the client-side code complexity and make it manageable. Once you know the advantages of the template engines, you will definitely fall in love with them and start using them right away. There are lots of problems that you come across at the time of client-side development like

These template engines were chosen based on their popularity, simplicity to learn and code, being actively maintained, and having great community support. Let’s begin.



  • Handlebars is a logic-less templating engine. Logic-less templates help to build templates with ease and without adding any complexity.The logic resides in JavaScript files, which keeps your HTML clean.



“E” is for “effective”! EJS is a simple templating language that lets you generate HTML markup with plain JavaScript. No religiousness about how to organize things and no reinvention of iteration and control-flow.

  • Fast compilation and rendering
  • Simple template tags: <% %>
  • Custom delimiters (e.g., use <? ?> instead of <% %>)


Mustache is a “logic-less” template engine. It is named “Mustache” because of a heavy use of curly braces, { }, that resemble a sideways mustache. It is described as a “logic-less” system because there are no messy if … then or looping constructs embedded within a Mustache template.


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