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jQuery/JavaScript Plugins for Push Notifications

jQuery/JavaScript Plugins for Push Notifications

In This Article You Find About jQuery/JavaScript Plugins for Push Notifications started from the mobile business but this technology is available for websites too! Push notifications are akin to mobile app notifications except they come from a website. Similar to mobile app notifications, push notifications require user permission. Once the permission is granted, push notifications will appear on the subscribed desktop/device even when the website is not open on your browser. Website owners are using this piece of technology to reach out to their customers. Some of the Bullet Points for website push notifications are:

  • E-commerce websites can notify its customers about any sales, their order tracking details, or about any available coupons
  • Bloggers can notify their audience when a new post is available

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Push is the fastest way to get up and running with JavaScript desktop notifications. A fairly new addition to the official specification, the Notification API allows modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 9+ to push notifications to a user’s desktop. Push acts as a cross-browser solution to this API, falling back to use older implementations if the user’s browser does not support the new API.

Getting up and running with Push is extremely easy. It is so easy to begin with that you can create a new notification in just one line, once you include the library reference. Such as:

Push.create('Hello World!');

A more advanced version is,

Push.create("Hello world!", {
 body: "How's it hangin'?",
 icon: '/icon.png',
 timeout: 4000,
 onClick: function () {

If the browser does not currently have user permission to show desktop notifications, it will automatically ask before proceeding. The plugin supports the following features for customization of the notification message:

  • The ability to display an icon in the message
  • Set a timeout to close the notification automatically
  • Option to make it always visible until the user closes it manually
  • Vibrate the device (works only on Android Mobile)
  • Option to set the sound for notification


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