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JQuery for Beginners Free JQuery.

JQuery for Beginners Free JQuery

Introduction :
In This Article we discuss JQuery for beginners. JQuery is an advanced and straightforward library of JavaScript which helps in Rapid Web development. JQuery is used to simplify the Html document helps in traversing, animations, and event handling. if you don’t have any basic knowledge of HTML and CSS then don’t worry this tutorial will help you to learn from easy and basic examples.

Basics of Jquery :
As JQuery is a framework built on Java script so we can use all the functionalities and resources which are part of Java Script. so This will explain the most basic and frequent terms which we use in javaScript

String :

A string in javascript is an immutable object that contains none, one or many characters. The following are valid examples of string.

“This is a string”

“This is written by me”

Numbers: Numbers in JavaScript are double-precision 64 bit-format IEEE 754 values.








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