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ThemeRoller jQuery Mobile

ThemeRoller jQuery Mobile

ThemeRoller jQuery Mobile is a tool for which is usually used to design, color, align, building, listing & sorting of each and everything from the foundation.

Theme Roller is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen on the internet for jQuery mobile. Most users looking for specific tools for particular editing of things, but this tool is rich with all the elements of design and building everything from founding to coloring.

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Here we can see the interface of Theme Roller tool, It looks simple as well as attractive to see. From the sidebar, you can find multiple types of stylish fonts as well as icons & box shadows. On the top of the screen, you can find some tools of downloads & import the links. In the Center of the tool you can easily add the content in the body which can be divided into 3 sections. We’ve multiple options to input the text, buttons as well as colors. we can also add swatch in the side of the interface it can add more fruit to any designing samples. In the footer, you can see the checkboxes and multiple options to add the content or tables into the screen. In last we can add more than 3 buttons with different textures which can be animated using 2D,3D


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