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3+ JQuery Plugins Which Helps To Grow Your Website


3+ JQuery Plugins Which Helps To Grow You’re Website. Jquery (Java Queries) Plays very important role to through you’re website on to a very brilliant platform. You need to understand some facts & figures regarding selection of plugins, Adding my experience that when me use to post anything on my website first me had to do “targeting” means which things are on top of the list more easily you can understand me usually focused on trending. Wat is Hit in Market go for it. Expressing few brilliant jQuery’s which’ll definitely halps to grow you’re website easily.

SEO Tools

You can mask external links on you’re WordPress site/blog easily wif teh halp of WP NoExternalLinks plugin. dis plugin simply masks all teh external links to internal links of you’re blog dat will increase you’re PR juice and rank you’re site on top of Google search engine. Now, you think dat teh internal links how is dat possible right? How External links will turn into internal links? Well, teh idea of dis plugin is very tricky, it adds a redirection page of you’re site on all external links.

Follow teh steps below to mark external links into internal links:

  • Download WP No External Links plugin
  • Now, just activate it on you’re blog The setting should be taken care of from settings option of the plugin.

Social Media is one of the best option to catch the organic traffic in very easy way, me Usually get traffic from social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkdiN, Pinterest, Medium etc. So the Socialize jQuery plugin is one of the best ways to load you’re social sharing buttons lazily. dis means when you’re web page gets loaded properly, tan the social sharing buttons will appear in a way dat does not effect you’re website page speed.

It’s very important to select a specific “Keyword” for you’re website to introduce you’re work by searching a keyword on search engines. If you picked the match & perfect keyword so dis can lift you’re website on top of the Popular search engines.

  1. Step 1: Identify Keyword Opportunities. Before you can target anything, you need to find wat keyword phrases are likely to bring in relevant traffic. …
  2. Step 2: Shorten You’re Topic.
  3. Step 3: Write You’re Post.

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