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Nicebord.js : Animate Border jQuery Plugin

If you are looking for a jQuery plugin for the animate border so, you are on the right page. Nicebord.js is a free jquery plugin which will help you to easily create nice border animation in block elements. There is no required any hard and fast rule for using this plugin. In the demo section, you can see how easy is for use, simply copy the codes and past in your coding pages and apply then see the magic of this plugin.

This plugin helps you to easily set border color, set border size, Animate top or right or bottom or left border, Begins animation from the center of the block and so many features have this plugin. you can see the more features in the following chart.


colorString‘000000’Set border color
orientationString‘ckw’Set direction animation: clockwise(ckw), anticlockwise(ackw)
sizeNumber1Set border size
posString‘top,right,bottom,left’Animate top or right or bottom or left border
speedNumber500Animation time
directionBooleanfalseDirection of animation, if false the animation occurs along the sides of the element, if true the inside of the element
fixBooleanfalseSets the fixed size of the element to which nicebord is applied. Usually images.
centerBooleanfalseBegins animation from the center of the block.


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