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Range Slider Plugin in jQuery and JavaScript wRunner

Slider Plugin in jQuery and JavaScript

In this article, we discuss in detail about the slider plugin this plugin will allow adding a slider to select a value. This slider plugin has the ability to set themes, step, minimum, and maximum values. This plugin has two different types Single and Range as the verticle and the horizontal positions it has two implementations for pure JavaScript and the basis of JQuery.


wRunner is a jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript plugin used to makes an adjustable, excellent range slider control to assist clients to choose a range of values.

JQuery for Slider

The structure of this plugin is MVP with a passive view. It has three different parts of the program two points which view and models are independent of others. The present layer is the bonding layer that is aware of the other two layers. It moves, if essential, information to different layers (through the onlooker), store techniques for including outside occasion handlers.


There is an extra technique that protects the user from unwanted changes in the plugin collects all the parts in one slider that links them, and collect all the techniques for working with the JQuery for slider plugin.


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