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JSL JavaScript Loader Free jQuery

JSL JavaScript Loader Free jQuery

JSL JavaScript Loader Free jQuery is one of the useful core JavaScript for the coders. It’s a connection between the web browser & the internet. This highway is optimize to let pictures, text, and CSS fly by. But, when it comes to external scripts, the highway creates a toll booth that slows traffic. JSL JavaScript Loader Free jQuery is the worst part is that pictures text, and css caught behind these scripts have to wait until they pass through. JSL is the latest in toll both avoidance. It creates an express lane that lets all pictures, text, css, and external scripts pass by without worrying about toll booths. That means you save time and money on traffic costs.


Normal Script Inclusion to Apply

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jsl.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> jsl.add(“”); jsl.load(); </script>


Single Script Tag Inclusion to Apply

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jsl.js”> jsl.add(“”); jsl.load(); </script>

The upper normal & single tag inclusion are authentic & can be added in the matched platform while we’ve to take care of code how it can be posted.

JSL Load (src[callback]) to add

JSL.load( src [, callback]) You can pass a url to the jsl.load() function to load a single external JavaScript when needed or use the browser’s cached version, if available. If src is not present, jsl.load() will process all previously added scripts, using the jsl.add(), and asynchronously loads them in the HTML <head> tag. If you need on-demand loading, pass a script source and a callback. The callback will fire when the script object completes loading. This method of loading JavaScripts reduces overall page weight and loading times since scripts are loaded when needed. This method is also useful in AJAX situations where a user’s action can trigger distinctive JavaScript dependancies. Arguments src (optional) String The JavaScript source url to load. callback (optional) Mixed The callback to fire after the JavaScript finishes loading.


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