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How to add Custom Select Elements with jQuery Plugin

Zelect.js is a free plugin it will help you to for Custom Select Elements. You are trying to find a plugin for Custom Select Elements! so you are at the right place. In this article you will find the jQuery Plugin for Custom Select Elements – Zelect.js, there is no hard way to use this plugin, just go and click on the read more button and read the rest of instruction and than click on download button. You can see the demo of the plugin before using, so please do not hesitate and just download and use it.

Here are some features of this plugin.

  • Lightweight
  • Zero base CSS, roll your own
  • Customizable
  • Handles asynchronous paged loading of large option lists (read: AJAX-ready-and-enabled)
  • Initialization in a detached or hidden DOM node
  • Programmatically selectable and changeable

Initial Selection

  1. opts.initial if defined
  2. <option selected=”selected”> if opts.loader not defined
  3. Render placeholder text from opts.placeholder if defined
  4. Select the first option from the list if there are items
  5. Render no Results text without a term

By following the Initial Selection you can run various scripts to apply the jQuery.

jQuery Plugin for Custom Select Elements - Zelect.js

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