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Facebook Style jQuery Plugins

Facebook Style jQuery Plugins

In this post, find 5 best Facebook style jQuery plugins that are easy to integrate and allows you to imitate Facebook functionalities like Facebook like button, emoticons, infinite scroll, get photos and albums, create Facebook-like photos and many other things.

1. FaceMocion


FaceMocion is a plugin to create Facebook emoticons with jQuery and CSS. It allows you to turn any text input emoticons on the page into cute little smiling faces.

2. Facebook-like Infinite Scroll Using jQuery

Facebook Like Infinite Scroll Using jQuery

In this tutorial, find out how to implement Facebook like Infinite Scroll using jQuery Ajax PHP and MySQL. Here Ajax requests are made to the server if the user wants to see more data.

3. jqGifPreview


jqGifPreview is a jQuery GIF player plugin for adding a play control over the GIF preview image that allows the visitors to play the animated GIF manually.

4. Fancylike


Fancy like is a tiny jQuery plugin that allows you to create a custom Facebook like button using your own image. The plugin can automatically detect the current page URL to like or use a given URL setting in JavaScript to like.

5. FBPhotoBox


FBPhotoBox is a jQuery plugin for creating a Facebook-like image/photo viewer that features an image gallery on the left and content area on the right.


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