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jQuery find() Method Using FreejQuery


Understand & Usage

The find() method backward descendant elements of the chosen element

The DOM tree: This method traverses downwards along with descendants of DOM elements, all the way down to the last descendant. To only traverse a single level down the DOM tree (to return direct children), use the children() method.

Tip: To return all of the descendant elements, use the “*” selector It’s very important.

We can use it on a different platform which supports jquery & it’s plugins. The syntax is mentioned below it’s only for a run.




.descendants * {
display: block;
border: 2px solid grey;
color: lightgrey;
padding: 5px;
margin: 15px;
<script src=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/
$(document).ready(function() {
“color”: “green”,
“border”: “2px solid green”


<div class=”descendants”
style=”width:500px;”>This is the current element !!!
<p>This is the paragraph element !!!
<span> This is span element !!!</span>
<p>This is the paragraph element !!!
<span>This is span element !!!</span>



You can add different titles & tasks for particular area.
Example: If you’re looking for siblings you’ve to add syntax and after then siblings and so on..!



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