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6 Best jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

JQuery Lazy load plugin is a technique to delay the loading of images and videos on the webpage without interrupting the loading of the complete page. It is a useful and necessary feature as it improves page load time and gives a better user experience. In this post, find a compiled list of 6 jQuery Lazy Load plugins for lazy loading of images and videos, all of which are lightweight and easy to use.

1. jQuery Smartify


jQuery Smartify loads images, calls Ajax, play with CSS classes in on-demand, while an element is/or becoming visible in device Viewport.



jQuery Asynchronous Image Loader (JAIL) is a jQuery plugin that lazy loads images making your page load faster.

3. Recliner


Recliner is a super lightweight (1KB), jQuery plugin for lazy loading images, iframes, and other dynamic (AJAX) content.

4. lazyLoader


Just another jQuery / Zepto based image lazy loader for your responsive website that lets you load images progressively as they enter the screen or viewport to save bandwidth and server requests.

5. load scroll


load scroll is a simple jQuery plugin for dynamically loading images while scrolling. It is intended for image-heavy websites to save bandwidth and decrease initial load time.



Tada is a lightweight, no dependency library for lazy image load. jQuery plugin is also provided. Duplicate element check, throttled scroll handler, percent threshold supported.

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