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10 Random Free jQuery Plugins

10 Random jQuery Plugins

In This Article You Fine 10 Random Jquery Plugins There many other JavaScript frameworks available, but jQuery is clearly the most popular (according to BuiltWith, it’s currently used by over 78% of top million sites). The purpose of jQuery is to make many of those JavaScript functions that typically need many lines of code easier to manage and write by bundling them into methods that can be called upon with just a single line of code. It’s lightweight, and because it is extendable, there are jQuery plugins freely available for almost every functionality you can think of.

1. pixelate.js

jQuery plugins to pixelate images and, optionally, reveal on hover.


2. Seriously.js

A real-time, node-based video effects compositor for the web built with HTML5, Javascript and WebGL.

Source + Demo

3. iosscripts

Premium Desktop & Mobile jQuery Plugins

Source + Demo

4. intention.js

Offers a light-weight and clear way to dynamically restructure HTML in a responsive manner.

Source + Demo

5. croppic

Is an image cropping jquery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more.

Source + Demo

6. jQuery.PointAt

A simple jQuery plugin for pointing at stuff.

Source + Demo

7. device.js

Makes it easy to write conditional CSS _and/or_ JavaScript based on device operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Firefox OS, MeeGo), orientation (Portrait vs. Landscape), and type (Tablet vs. Mobile)


8. textillate.js

Combines some awesome libraries to provide a ease-to-use plugin for applying CSS3 animations to any text.

Source + Demo

9. jStepper

A jQuery plugin by EmKay usable for making a numeric textfield value easy to increase or decrease.

Source + Demo

10. Sticker.js

A Javascript library that allows you to create a Sticker Effect.


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