Angular Device Detector

Angular Device Detector

An Angular2+ library to detect the device, OS and browser details.An Angular 2 (and beyond) powered AOT compatible device detector that helps to identify browser, os and other useful information regarding the device using the app. The processing is based on user-agent.


To install this library, run:

$ npm install ngx-device-detector –save


Import DeviceDetectorModule in your app.module.ts

  import { NgModule } from @angular/core;
  import { DeviceDetectorModule } from ngx-device-detector;
  declarations: [
  imports: [

In your component where you want to use the Device Service

  import { Component } from @angular/core;
  import { DeviceDetectorService } from ngx-device-detector;
  selector: home,  // <home></home>
  styleUrls: [ ./home.component.scss ],
  templateUrl: ./home.component.html,
  export class HomeComponent {
  deviceInfo = null;
  constructor(, private http: Http, private deviceService: DeviceDetectorService) {
  epicFunction() {
  console.log(hello `Home` component);
  this.deviceInfo = this.deviceService.getDeviceInfo();
  const isMobile = this.deviceService.isMobile();
  const isTablet = this.deviceService.isTablet();
  const isDesktopDevice = this.deviceService.isDesktop();
  console.log(isMobile);  // returns if the device is a mobile device (android / iPhone / windows-phone etc)
  console.log(isTablet);  // returns if the device us a tablet (iPad etc)
  console.log(isDesktopDevice); // returns if the app is running on a Desktop browser.

Device service

Holds the following properties

  • browser
  • os
  • device
  • userAgent
  • os_version

Helper Methods

  • isMobile() : returns if the device is a mobile device (android / iPhone/ windows-phone etc)
  • isTablet() : returns if the device us a tablet (iPad etc)
  • isDesktop() : returns if the app is running on a Desktop browser.


To generate all *.js* and *.d.ts files:

 $ npm run tsc

To lint all *.ts files:

 $ npm run lint

To run unit tests

 $ npm run test

To build the library

 $ npm run build

Run the DEMO

Make sure you have @angular/cli installed

 $ npm install -g @angular/cli
 $ cd demo
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