Angular2 Simple Modal Dialog Windows

Angular2 Simple Modal Dialog Windows It is a library to makes modals easier in Angular2 has no dependencies

  • Create clear and reusable modal components.
  • It makes managing modals painless and clearer.
  • Extend the Modal Component class and implement any content you want.

Simple modal is a lightweight reusable Angular compatible solution that will create.

If you’re adding a close button that doesn’t have text (e.g. a purely icon-based button), make sure that it has a meaningful aria-label so that users with assistive technology know what it is used for.

The angular-basic-modal is a lightweight, extendable Angular 2+ (2.3.0 and beyond) modal solution that will programatically create a modal


  • title – HTML or text for the modal’s title.
  • message – HTML or text for the modal’s body.
  • blocking – whether or not the modal can be dismissed by clicking the overlay.
  • confirmBtn – label of the optional confirm button.
  • cancelBtn – label of the cancel button, which is optional if not blocking.

There are plenty of 3rd party libraries and plugins out there that include modal windows, up until recently I used them myself when I needed to add a modal to a project. The main issue that I have with 3rd party libraries is that they usually contain a lot of features I don’t need which adds unnecessary bloat to my application, so last year I took some time and created a custom modal window in Angular 1 to see how difficult it would be and also to remove the mystery I had in my mind about exactly how modals work.

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