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Contact Us with multiple options adding Callback Request Features

Callback Request Feature

The Contact Us with all in one options allows us to access Callback Request Feature more than one fields in one time. The We chat Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Medium Slack, Viber, Telegram, Call Back, Email and more channels just in one button! Let customers choose their favorite method to reach you with in one click and follow up the conversation anytime and anywhere! The best thing in this plugin is the access of it you can reach on multiple application in one click.


  • Callback request – customer can reach easily by request a call-back to his/her phone number
  • Google reCaptcha V3 integration – prevent bots to send call-back request via invisible Google reCaptcha V3
  • Countdown timer – display countdown timer when customer request a call-back
  • Theme color – customize button color (via less file)
  • Easy To Run
  • Best Interface with classical look.

When it comes to communicating with your site’s visitors, most people rely on email campaigns. However, this is far from the only possible approach. For example, you could also use push notifications and even phone calls.

When it comes to phone calls, you have the benefit of speaking directly to the user. Many prefer this type of communication and find them more personal than emails or live chats. The problem is that you may not always be available to take a call, and some users could be hesitant about being the ones to initiate contact in this way.

One way to get around these issues is to implement a way for users to request a callback. This works by them giving you their phone number, at which point you can call them at a time that suits you. This feature can be highly effective.


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