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jQuery totalstorage : Local Storage Plugin

A jQuery plugin to manage local storage and cookies simultaneously in a simple interface.

We found that HTML5 Local Storage gave us the best return in terms of reliability and speed. Internet Explorer compatibility? Not so much. So we wroteTotalStorage, a jQuery plugin that combines the ease and usefulness of TotalStorage with the universal compatibility of cookies (along with some helpful tools like automatic JSON encoding/decoding).

  • The browser doesn’t support local storage it will fall-back to cookies! (Using the wonderful $.cookie plugin).
  • Send it strings, numbers even complex object arrays! TotalStorage does not care. Your efforts to defeat it will prove futile.
  • Simple as shit. jStorage and some other very well-written plugins provide a bevy of options for expiration, security and so forth. Frequently this is more power than you need and vulnerable to confusion if you just want it to work (JWITW)

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