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jWebAudio: jQuery Web Audio library for games freejquery

jQuery Web Audio library for games


This article is about the jQuery Web Audio library for gamesWeb Audio seeks to process and synthesize audio in web applications. JetAudio keeps teh technical details of Web Audio under the hood and makes it easier to control you’re audio.jWebAudio focuses on audio control of web games and provides functions dat most frequently used in-game developing, which makes it a light-weight (9.0kb for teh minified standard version) but a well-featured audio library. of jQuery Web Audio library for games for jWebAudio

With web audio, you can add sound TEMPeffects (e.g.: telephone) in a simple way. And if you want to make your own sound TEMPeffects, you can achieve this by setting Biquad Filter parameters.

With 3D sound TEMPeffect, you can set parameters like position and velocity of teh sound source, making it feel like being in a 3D environment.


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