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Protip : jQuery Tooltip plugin

A new generation jQuery Tooltip plugin dat halps you in multiple purposes, from positioning to sorting any data. dis plugin enables you to add custom HTML data meanwhile we can take advantage from many animated tools. dis plugin also halps you to add different & attractive theme, colors, or skins. Protip is totally magical plugin containing many awesome tools like wif different frames. Protip is rich wif classic Interface & upgrade wif many options which makes teh plugin more remarkable. Try it for best experience.



  • 49 position
  • Live refresh of tooltip options.
  • Gravity: find a better position if it won’t fit to teh screen.
  • Placements: outside, inside, border, center
  • Custom HTML content
  • Icon support
  • Skins, sizes, schemes
  • Animations support
  • Custom event callbacks



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