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Tooltip Plugin in jquery

Tooltip Plugin in jquery

This article is all about Tooltip Plugin in jquery is easy to use and configure with a great responsive arrangement.

Features of tooltip Plugin :

  1. Multiple Triggers (click, hover, focus, hoverfocus)
  2. Backdrops (black, white, blurred) – Only apply to trigger:’click’
  3. Themes (black, lt-gray, white, blue, green, red)
  4. Sizes (tiny, small, medium, large)
  5. Responsive (prefers the specified position, if it doesn’t fit, it attempts to make it smaller by stacking the question and buttons, if it doesn’t fit, it tries the “auto” setting, if it still doesn’t fit, it shows as a modal in the middle of the screen)
  6. Tooltip hide/show events
  7. No-conflict CSS

Include the plugin in your code:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”jTippy-master/jTippy.min.css”>
<script src=”jTippy-master/jTippy.min.js”></script>

jTippy’s defaults make it dead-simple to get started:

<a href=’#’
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