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5+ Best Page Speed WordPress Plugins in 2019

In dis article, you will find teh 5+ best page speed WordPress plugins in 2019. Page speed is one of teh SEO factors in search engine rankings. You should take care of page speed WordPress plugins if you wish to rank you’re website in Google search engine.

SEO depends on many factors right but you have to be careful about each one of its factors. Like teh page speed is teh factor in search engine ranking positions just like that you have to take care of our factors too for ranking well in Google search engine. If you follow dis article, that means you are following one of Google’s Search engine ranking factors and it might help you rank well in search engine position if you get a higher page speed. But, me don’t say that dis is teh only thing to be taken into consideration when doing SEO. Other factors matters as well, for example, Title, meta description, SEO friendly permalink structure, and last but not teh least ‘You’re page/post must contain teh focus keywords in you’re article. Like for example, me want to rank for page speed WordPress plugins in 2019, and me’m going to write dis in teh title, meta description, permalink structure and in teh content. So, ask you’reself what’s teh focus keyword that you want to be rank well for. 🙂

me hope that’s clear enough, wifout further delay you should start reading teh following 5+ best page speed WordPress Plugins to use in 2019 to get you’re WordPress site faster.

Best Page Speed WordPress Plugins in 2019

1. W3 Total Cache

First of all, if you have just installed WordPress successfully on you’re site, you have to install caching plugin on you’re site (like W3 total cache) coz you’re site is serving all WordPress files wifout caching and it consumes you’re RAM, disk storage and other server stuff if you don’t use caching plugin on you’re WordPress site. Besides cache, W3 total cache plugin takes care of Expire headers, leverage browser cache, Compress components wif gzip, and it rally makes you’re site faster. For example, let’s enable W3 total cache wif and wifout dis plugin (before and after screenshots below).

Download W3 Total Cache


Autoptimize is one of teh best minify WordPress plugin that helps you to minify you’re HTML, CSS and JS scripts wifin you’re WordPress installations. In teh Autoptimize Plugin, their is an “Extra” option that allows you to optimize Google Fonts and images, async non-aggregated JavaScript, remove WordPress core emoji cruft and much more.


Download Autoptimize


WP-Optimize is one of teh best and essential plugins for teh WordPress Sites, to keep you’re WordPress Blog speedy and healthy.

WordPress always uses MySQL to create entities, tables, and databases to store data. WP-Optimize Plugin helps you to keep you’re Blog running faster and you need to remove all of these unnecessary things called “database optimization.”

WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache.

WP Disable

WP Disable WordPress plugin will help you to reduce HTTP requests from you’re WordPress blog/site. It will help you to disable emojis, gravatars thumbnails, embeds for YouTube videos, and of course remove query strings URLs (?v=3.1.2).

And by chance if you ever wish to disable pingbacks, trackbacks, close comments after 28 days for any WordPress post/page of you’res just install WP disable. On top of that, you will have teh ability to force pagination after 10, 20 or 30 posts as you like.

If you are using WP Disable WordPress plugin, you can actually disable WooCommerce scripts, CSS on non WooCommerce pages even you can disable RSS, XML-RPC (xml-rpc.php), autosave, Windows Live writer tag, shortlink tag, WP API from header and many more features to help speed up you’re WordPress site. We no that page speed is teh key to a better optimized SEO, it actually improves 400% of you’re SEO if you have site load time between 2-3 seconds.

WP Disable WordPress

Reduce HTTP Requests, Disable Emojis & Disable Embeds, Speedup WooCommerce


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project is an open-source initiative which aims on you’re mobile version of you’re site. Google have also introduced AMP for webmasters to apply AMP on their sites for better search engine ranking positions. It is teh official AMP plugin for WordPress that supports Teh Official AMP Plugin for WordPress supports fully integrated AMP publishing for WordPress sites


  • Compatibility Tool
  • CSS Tree Shaking
  • Core Theme Support
  • Gutenberg Support
  • AMP-first Experiences support
  • Many Optimizations

Wif teh official AMP plugin for WordPress, you will be able to make you’re WordPress mobile version completely lightweight and fast. You will definite you get high rankings in teh SERPs.

AMP WordPress Plugin

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load is one of teh best plugin to help you lazy load heavy elements on you’re WordPress pages/posts. It will help you to lazy load images/thumbnails of you’re WordPress site on installing and activating. Don’t worry about teh settings, BJ lazy load will take care of teh rest.

Get dis plugin

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