jQuery Plugins for WordPress

How To Download jQuery Plugins for WordPress?

wordpress plugins for SEO

This article is about WordPress plugins for SEO. WordPress as the most popular blog service and CMS platform is one of the foremost software to have such plugins implemented. It is currently inconceivable to imagine any modern WordPress blog without such excellent jQuery plugins as accordions, slide and toggle stuff, various jQuery image viewers, tabs and menus that you might be already familiar with.

jQuery Plugins for WordPress 2019

Apart from all that, jQuery plugins are highly essential for the embedding of social networks, contact forms, moreover, they allow the moderating and validating of comments for submitting and also offer the access to heaps of web resources. With jQuery plugins, it has virtually become possible to provide the top blog functionality as well as spectacular media content presentation, which are in fact the main objectives for each self-respecting blogger. Right now we’ll list down the best jQuery plugins found out there. They will guide you to obtain the results that you have always wanted online!


showtime - wp plugin

While talking about presenting your content in a spectacular way we must never forget about good old slideshows. This is not new but still an effective method of representing your images using this simple plugin. Showtime offers several useful options that will make your gallery more user- and media-friendly.

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easingslider - jQuery Wp plugin

Display your media content easily with comfortable jQuery plugin for more user-friendly navigation.

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coin slider - jQuery WP plugin

Coin Slider is a jQuery Slider plugin that allows you to create a Clean & Simple Image Slider with unique transition effects. It features Auto slide, Navigation box, and Linking images. This is an excellent light-weight plugin with cool transition effects, flexible configuration and auto slide. Don’t forget that you can customize this plugin with the help of CSS.

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jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Impressive plugin that will add some spice to your website. 3D Carousel Menu FX has all possible rotations behaviors & speeds, rollover effects, tooltip, and many more superb features.

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accordion fx - jQuery Wp plugin

This is another classic jQuery plugin that creates a beautiful accordion menu. Among its noble features, we must mark out customizable width & height, advanced text effects, zoom image effects.

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Accordion Image Menu - WP jQuery plugin

Our next light-weight plugin allows you to choose between horizontal and vertical positions for the menus. Also, you may like a new title background option.

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fancy-box - WP jQuery plugin

With installing Fancy Box to your blog you can change such options as a border, margin width, and color, zoom speed, animation type, close button position, overlay color and opacity.

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Lightbox is a simple jQuery plugin that overlays images on the current page. It is very easy to set up and supports all modern browsers.

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jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Add music, podcasts, videos, and slideshow to your blog with any problems due to excellent functionality provided by Multimedia jQuery Plugin.


jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Save your precious time with Slider plugin from SlideDeck. The plugin works really simple and allows you to post a slider live in minutes


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